This photo was taken from the Bar Deck at Mkuze Falls. Hippos
can weigh up to two tons and consume up to 40 kg each day. Being semi-aquatic, these animals can stay under water for up to six minutes. Maybe the hippos on the photo were practising scrumming tactics to support the South African Rugby Team!

Giraffe and Baby

A single calf, averaging 100 kg, is dropped after a gestation period of about 14.5 months. This newly born calf can stand and walk within an hour of birth, but will remain isolated for about one to two weeks. Giraffes can eat up to 60 kg of food per day and run up to 60 km per hour


Tawny Eagle
(Aquila rapax)

This is a medium to large eagle and is quite common is most game reserves. They normally prey on small mammals ( up to the size of hares),birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects and carrion. On this photo it is seen with a Rock Monitor that it had killed..

Spotted Hyena
(Crocuta crocuta)

Most people see this sixty to eighty kilogram animal as a slowly scavanger, but contrary to this popular believe the Hyena is in fact a very skilled hunter. Although they prey on animals like antelope, buffalo, zebra and ungulates, they are not above driving other predators, such as lions, from their kills. In this picture is one of four hyenas that were recently brought in to supplement our population.

Death's Head Hawk Moth

(Acherontia atropos)

The larvae of the death's head hawk moth are normally found in most natural and urban habitats where it feeds on plant matter like cotton, Lantana, Cannabis and vegetables like patato and tomato. The adult moth preys on beehives. It can make a squeak sound through its proboscis that sounds like the queen bee. By doing this it immobilizes the worker bees and thus safeguards itself from any attack.


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